SuperStep Whitepaper


SGMT is native token at SuperStep ecosystem which is both consumable and for governance. The Supply of $SGMT is limited, with a total of 6,000,000,000 SGMT available for earning and purchasing.
SGMT token contract address(BEP20):

SGMT Utility

SGMT is the governance token of SuperStep, which can be used for voting, staking and Jog-to-Earn.

1. Governance

Vote to support a proposal by participating in DAO governance.

2. Staking

Earn yield by staking your SGMT.

3. Buy-back

50% 0f the trading tax will be used for buy-backs.

4. Burns

Sneaker minting and leveling up consumes SGMT. Besides, 50% of trading tax will be used for buy-back and burn SGMT.

SGMT distribution


SGMT vesting

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