SuperStep Whitepaper


Having an effective anti-cheat system is vital to the sustainability of almost every play-to-earn tokenomics. SuperStep introduces the concept of a “earning interval”, which mandates that users’ mileage are countered for reward only when their average speed is within the interval.
Earning Interval: 5-30km/hr
The rationale behind the earning interval is simple: we want all the people from different age groups with different physical strength to enjoy exercising.
As you see, 5-30km/hr represents the speed range between walking and sprinting. Your earning stream will not stop if you are a fitness walker.
With that said, when your speed goes beyond 25km/hr, we are pretty sure that you are on a vehicle instead of being on-foot, thus the system will temporarily terminate your $SGST generation until your speed is back to the mandated earning interval.

Anti-cheating Methods


SuperStep adopts a three-strike policy to counter cheaters.
1st violation : The user receives a 3-day suspension of the game mode activation. The trade and rental tax will be doubled during the suspension.
2nd violation : The user receives a 7-day suspension of the game mode activation. The trade and rental tax will be doubled during the suspension as well.
3rd violation : The user is permanently prohibited from activating any game mode but is able to trade and lease on the platform. The trade and rental tax however, will be tripled for this account permanently as well.

GPS Tracker

Practicality-wise, we use GPS tracking to detect the naughties, which has proved to be very effective by our predecessors.
Once SuperStep is activated on your device and the stamina start draining, the GPS tracker will update your location every minute.
The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about your internet connection, as long as you are not completely off the radar and your location can be automatically updated every minute, your earning efficiency will not diminish.
We will implement the motion sensor and health data analytics in the future, allowing users to earn $SGST on treadmills as well.

Software Measure

Our Anti-cheat system is also able to detect the use of location and IP Changer, users who alter or jailbreak their operating systems on phone will not be able to use SuperStep.