DAO Governance

SuperStep will launch its own SuperDAO – a decentralized autonomous organization. This is a self-governance structure which allows SGMT holders to make proposals and vote on major issues. This decision-making structure is identical to shareholder meetings within a company.
SGMT is the governance token of the community, as well as the means to progressively decentralize the project management through SuperDAO.
SGMT represents the voting power of every member. The weight of one’s voting power is based on the staking time and amount; the more and longer you stake your SGMT, the more power you will get.
At inception, SuperDAO will oversee a community treasury of SGMT tokens, as well as offer a governance framework for delegates (called SGMT Stewards) to participate in key ecosystem decision-making such as adjusting trading fees, the allocation of treasury, and the distribution of exclusive NFT collections.
Last modified 10mo ago